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Main Demo Version
Minimal Demo Version
Analytical Demo Version
Horizontal Demo Version
Dark Demo Version
RTL Demo Version

Light Version of Monster Admin with
Light & Dark Sidebar Option


Light Version of Monster Admin with
Light & Dark Sidebar Option


Amazing Features & Flexibility Provided

Blade Loops

Views with Logic, Loops, Conditions

Blade Component Library

Learn by example to make your blade components

Php to JS vars

Dashboard, with data injection from server to browser’s JavaScript

Dynamic Menu Items injection

Use injection that loads items from folders


Easily change templates/layouts, by changing only one parameter


Authentication and registration out of the box


Vue components with .vue Single File Components, reused in examples with webpack

Compiling Assets

Webpack build, easy to understand, and fully customizable


Starting set of 5 quality, fully customizable components

Messages and Notifications

Components with live data from database

Service Container with Singleton

Use data as many times you want, no multiple database queries


Multiple full customizable example demos for every layout and template

6 Color Schemes

We have included 6 pre-defined color schemes with Monster Admin admin.

Dark & Light Sidebar

Included Dark and Light Sidebar for getting desire look and feel.

700+ Page Templates

Yes, we have 6 demos & 120+ Pages per demo to make it easier.

500+ UI Components

Almost 500+ UI Components being given with Monster Admin admin Pack.

Lots of Widgets

Wide range of Widgets are available with Monster Admin admin Package.


Its been made with Laravel and full responsive layout.

3000+ Font Icons

Lots of Icon Fonts are included here in the package of Monster Admin admin.

Fully Responsive

All the layout of Monster Admin admin is Fully Responsive and widely tested.


Our Css is written Less Base to make your life easier.

Easy to Customize

Customization will be easy as we understand your pain.

Lots of Chart Options

You name it and we have it, Yes lots of variations for Charts.

Mutiple File Uploads

You can upload multiple files with our Multiple selector.

Lots of Table Examples

Data Tables are initial requirement
and we added them.

Validation Forms

Different Forms with Validation are
included in pack.

3 Level Dropdown Menu

We have added 3 Level Dropdown
Menu in Elite Pack.

Calendar Design

Calendar is available with our package
& in nice design.

Gallery Options

Covered options to showcase different
variation for gallery.

Detailed Documentation

We have made detailed documentation,
so it will easy to use.

Dedicated Support

We believe in supreme support is
key and we offer that.

Regular Updates

We are constantly updating our
pack with new features.


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